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R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen

Happy Cinco de Cuatro everyone!

“Covid-19 coronavirus is still new to humans, so we don’t have as much immune protection built up against it — so the virus seems able to overcome summer-like weather and still cause big outbreaks.” –> Why summer likely won’t save us from the coronavirus

🎶 Listening to “Brown Sugar” by ZZ Top from the album ZZ Top’s First Album…

“A government simulation last year named ‘Crimson Contagion’ made it clear the U.S. wasn’t ready for a pandemic. But little was done in response.” –> Before Virus Outbreak, a Cascade of Warnings Went Unheeded

“Mr. Jones, who has used his radio show and website to promote conspiracy theories, is falsely claiming his products can fight the virus.” –> Alex Jones Is Told to Stop Selling Sham Anti-Coronavirus Toothpaste

“The best thing federal regulatory agencies can do to stop coronavirus right now is to speedily step out of the way. No libertarians in a pandemic? Nonsense.” –> REASON ROUNDUP

Deciding to “wipe out the scourge of education once and for all,” DeVos said that, within days of taking office, she drew up an ambitious plan called No School Left Open. –> Betsy DeVos Says She Was Planning to Close All Schools Anyway

“Nothing makes government grow like a crisis.” –> Coronavirus Will Be Deadly To Your Liberty

“Mike, you were supposed to tell God to make Sleepy Joe lose,” Trump snapped. “A lot of good your ‘praying’ did.” –> Trump Screams at Pence for Not Praying Hard Enough to Make Biden Lose

First coronavirus (COVID-19) case in Tennessee. Gov. Bill Lee announces first confirmed case of coronavirus in Williamson County

Anderson Design Group 2020 Tornado Relief: Spirit of Nashville #MtJuliet #Nashville #tornado #NashvilleTornado #NashvilleDisasterRelief

To family and friends: we are okay. The tornado missed us, but not by much. We have some minor damage, but we are fine. #tornado #MtJuliet #Nashville

R.I.P. James Lipton –> James Lipton, ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Host, Dies at 93

“Absent policy changes, the federal government continues to face an unsustainable long-term fiscal path,” America’s top auditor warns. But is anyone listening? –> The National Debt Is ‘Unsustainable’ and the Pentagon’s Finances Are a Total Mess, Federal Audit Says

So, in other words, just like everything else…

Outstanding: “The question of whether Confederate symbols represent heritage or hatred has been vexing for the U.S. military.” –> Marine commandant banishes Confederate symbols from all Corps installations

“Pence has a track record of ignoring public health evidence” –> Mike Pence, who enabled an HIV outbreak in Indiana, will lead US coronavirus response

“It’s impossible to overstate just how much governments hate not being able to read your mail, listen to your phone calls, and peruse your text messages.” –> Encryption Foes in Washington Won’t Give Up

“Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said that he was already in the process of crafting insults about the virus that would obliterate it once and for all.” –> TRUMP PLANS TO DESTROY CORONAVIRUS WITH AN INCREDIBLY MEAN TWEET

“The confusion over vaccine development points to a much bigger problem” –> Trump’s reckless coronavirus statements put the entire US at risk

“That Confederate monuments were erected as a result of the era’s racial animus is hardly a matter of dispute” –> Virginia Is Poised To Let Cities Remove Confederate Monuments. It’s About Damn Time

“Barr’s big complaint is that the president is so overt with the sleazy pressure” –> Bill Barr Knew He Would Be a Hatchet Man for Trump

“What this budget tells us is that this Republican president is a big spender […] confirming that Republican presidents can’t be trusted to restore fiscal sanity.” –> Trump’s Budget Follows in the Footsteps of Giant Spenders

Cato: “We are marching into a fiscal crisis and our elected leaders seem to have no idea how to tackle it and do not even seem to care.” –> Federal Budget Policy Is a Disaster